Select A Website To Match Your Business1

Select A Website To Match Your Business

Each of our websites have specific features to match the industry for which they have been created. Our websites are not just 'electronic brochures' so play around with the site to fully immerse yourself, imagine you are actually one of your 'future customers'. Click on the link to take you to the LIVE website.
Decide Which Plan You Require.2

Decide Which Plan You Require.

Each of our website have honest and upfront pricing (something quite rare in the website world!). You will find the different options available on the 'Buy Me!' page of each website. If there are any items you are unsure about, send us an email, or use our little 'chat now' button showing on the bottom left of the screen. When you have decided upon a Plan, send us an email, just saying that you would like to progress with a website and which plan you would like.
Let's Get Chatting !3

Let's Get Chatting !

At this stage you start dealing with one of our team, and they will stay with you throughout the entire process. They will ask you all sorts of questions about your business, such as who are your competitors (so that we can look at their website), what is your favorite colour, how have you been doing business so far etc. These are all to help build up a 'picture' for our Geeks and Designers discuss your project. To activate the project we will send you an invoice for 50% of the plan you have opted for, once it has been received we will start! We will advise an expected time of completion, the shortest time we have ever completed is one week.
Let's Get It Right !4

Let's Get It Right !

We will be in contact with you throughout the process (we will try not to bother you too much) checking with you for your approval, you can of course upgrade to another plan at this stage if you like the progress. Once the work is completed we will invoice you for the remainder, once this is received we will release your website to the world and supply you with any documentation and passwords needed. We are always available, for questions and help, so you will never be on your own!

Perfect for Hotels, Resorts, B&B's and Hostels

Links to all of the major booking websites, entice your customers to you by showcasing the local area. We will list your Trip Adviser page and create and set up your Facebook page - plus a whole lot more. Click the image to open the LIVE demo website, and welcome to our Hotel!

Fast Loading, perfect for mobile !

Our best seller ! This website has a multitude of uses from Nail Bars, Plumbers, Electricians, Aircon servicing, Gas Supplies, Mobile Hairdressers, Ice Cream Vans, you name it, we can do it. Just the basics in a wonderfully presented professional website, including logo design, domain name and hosting all for one year!

Perfect for Spas and Massage Business's

Entice and educate your customers into the world of Massage and Spa. This website will not only allow clients to book and pay for their therapy, but choose a member of your team, all completely under your control! We will list your Trip Adviser page and create and set up your Facebook page - plus a whole lot more. Click the image to open the LIVE demo website, and welcome to our Hotel!

Perfect for Vehicle Rentals Companies

This website will not only drive sales to your business, it removes practically all of the admin you currently have to look after, storing everything in the cloud - plus a whole load of other features. Click the image to open the LIVE demo website, and welcome to our Hotel!

Perfect for Driving Instructors

After all the effort in gaining accreditation to be able to teach driving skills, you now need to get some business ! An efficient and engaging website (like ours) can not only attract new customers but encourage them to book straight away! Facebook integration and an animated video will give you a great positioning on Google To!

Essential for Golf Clubs and Resorts

We are unable to tell you too much about this site yet (we do not believe in over promising and under delivering) so we will just say ....... its colossal, (it will run your complete operation online) and its awesome!! Hopefully available October 2015 starting from just two thousand pounds.

A Beautiful Website solution for your Academy or Salon

Looking good is so important in your industry, so your website must not only make a perfect first impression, but it must form part of your team! Our hard working website will manage your training courses (if you offer them) and also look after salon bookings and even allow staff to be assigned to specific tasks or customers. A shop is available with other features when you select the Ambassador Range.

A crisp clean one page website for computer Geeks!

We know you can repair gadgets, iPhones printers, laptops and computers, but we also know you don't like building websites, so we have made one for you. Our crisp clean website will enable customers to find you and get in touch with their tekky issues. You carry on fixing, we will look after the design, and look JUST £100 !!
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